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What is allUP?

allUP is a professional network where you can stand out and be discovered for all your skills, attributes and achievements, plus the little things that make you great to work with.

Pick from a broad selection of interesting career and working-relationship focused video prompts and record quick videos to tell your story and build your profile. You can even invite your most trusted colleagues to share their favorite stories about working with you. By showcasing your unique talents you’ll not only get jobs, but make new connections and grow your career.

Who uses allUP?

While allUP plays an important role in finding a new job, it’s not just for job seekers. Most people use allUP to support their colleagues, highlight their companies and connect with other top professionals. The allUP community is a place for everyone who is growing their career and who wants to lift their network UP.

If I am in a job search, how can allUP help me?

Your allUP profile is designed to help you skip the screening call and show why you are the perfect fit for a role in a way a resume never could. Along with helping you stand out in your job search, here are some of the other ways allUP will help you land the perfect job.

Feedback from experts

We have a Member Placement Team full of recruiters who will give you feedback on your content before any external hiring manager or recruiter sees it.

A broad network of recruiters and hiring managers

We will meet with you to understand your career aspirations, skills, and the types of roles you're seeking so we can match you with the most relevant people in our network.  We'll share your profile with them, highlighting your talents and explaining why we think you'd be a great fit for their team.

Connecting with companies that are looking for your skillset

Thousands of companies use allUP as a platform to find talented people who can fill crucial open roles. Our AI works to surface your profile to recruiters and companies on the platform that are searching for someone with your specific skills and strengths.

Can I reuse my allUP recordings for every company I apply to or do I need to make new ones each time?

Your allUP videos can be used for any job you want to apply for. No need to answer the same redundant screening interview questions over and over. You can even share your public allUP profile with companies you are connecting with outside of allUP.

There are also thousands of hiring managers and recruiters searching allUP for top talent. Your videos make you discoverable to them and they may message you in the app around new opportunities. allUP enables you to tell your story once and have it open countless doors.

I am being asked to create an allUP account as part of applying for a job. Why is this needed?

With hundreds, often thousands of people applying to a single role it’s impossible to do a live screening conversation with every person to find the best fit candidates.

For companies that want to quickly find the best talent for their role, that often means taking shortcuts like filtering by “elite” universities or “top” companies. We believe that this is a recipe for missing amazing talent. Bullet points on a resume just don’t tell the whole story.

Companies partner with allUP to gain a deeper understanding of their candidates and to create a more equitable hiring process. allUP helps companies find the hidden gems in their candidate pool and makes the hiring process more efficient for all parties through asynchronous screenings.

An important benefit for job seekers on allUP is if the role you applied to ends up not being the right fit, our Member Placement Team will help you leverage your allUP profile to find the perfect match with a different company.

Why can't we just do a live interview?

Live conversations are still and should always be a part of the hiring process. Hiring managers have nuanced questions they want to explore in depth with candidates in real time. Providing candidates a space and the opportunity to ask their own questions is just as critical.

For companies, live screening calls are time consuming, which limits the number of candidates they can speak with. It takes a huge amount of work to filter down hundreds of resumes to the few they actually do call (thanks to chatgpt, all resume bullet points look the same so companies usually just filter for “elite” colleges and “top” companies and miss out on amazing talent).

Scheduling and performing these calls then takes more time. Video helps recruiters and hiring managers gain a deep understanding of all of their candidates in the same amount of time it historically would take them to connect with a small group of candidates for a live screening.

For candidates, the benefit of recording video and making the screening call asynchronous with allUP is they can pick the questions they want to answer and then share it with as many companies as they want. No more having to answer the same redundant interview questions over and over. Your answers also make you discoverable on allUP so recruiters and hiring managers can connect with you around new opportunities.

For companies and candidates, making the screening component of the hiring process asynchronous improves the dynamic of live conversations, making them more productive. Having seen the candidates’ videos, hiring managers and team members on the interview loop come to the conversations more connected and prepared. Without having to spend time on the basics, there is more time for candidates to ask incisive questions and be sure the company is the right fit for them.

Who is going to see my allUP profile and the videos I create?

Share with Anyone:

Your public allUP profile and all of your videos can be shared with anyone you would like. This is a powerful tool for standing out when applying for jobs. It also means you can invite trusted colleagues to give you feedback or react to your videos.

The allUP Member Placement Team:

The first people to see your videos are the allUP Member Placement Team. Their goal is to help you build the strongest possible profile. They will provide you with feedback to make your videos stand out to employers before any recruiters or hiring managers see them.

Hiring Teams:

Once your profile is shared with a recruiter or hiring manager, they often will invite other internal stakeholders to see it. This gets other people on the hiring team excited about you and the impact you are able to make. With so many companies having distributed teams and managing multiple time zones. It accelerates the hiring process to have sharable videos.

Every video you create on allUP is analyzed by our AI to generate tags that make you discoverable by recruiters and hiring managers searching for top talent on allUP.

Do I have to record videos to build an allUP profile?

Sort of. One of the advantages of allUP is that you can also invite trusted friends and colleagues to support you in building your profile. Inviting others to share your strengths and accomplishments validates your experience and helps employers know what it’s like to work with you.

How long does it take to build my profile?

You can build a really strong allUP profile in 10-15 minutes. It’s also easy to update your profile over time as your career continues to evolve.

Recording and editing videos
How should I prepare for recording my videos?

Videos that perform best on allUP are casual. The more it feels like you’re talking to a friend, the deeper the person watching your video will connect with you. Don’t stress about writing your answers out and trying to be perfect.

Basically, just be your awesome self. We are always most critical of ourselves so don’t stress about having the perfect hair, outfit, location, etc. Your story is enough. And you can always retake your clip later if you decide you really don’t like it.

How should I dress and where should I record?

You should dress in whatever way makes you feel comfortable. Our data shows that casual videos, where people are answering the prompts like they are talking to a friend perform best. Wear whatever makes you feel like you can have that type of conversation.

You can record your videos anywhere. Some people like to record at their desk and others do it when they’re walking the dog or hanging out in the park. The app will help you frame yourself so you look great no matter what. You probably don’t want to record in a dark room or while your standing on the side of the freeway but otherwise feel free to have fun with it.

What types of questions will I be asked on allUP?

We have thousands of prompts on allUP. Our AI suggests the most appropriate prompts to you based on your work history, career stage and roles you’re exploring.

Our prompts are meant to help you highlight your unique skills, attributes and achievements. There are no trick questions and you can skip any prompt that doesn’t inspire you. Every prompt will also have a suggested length for the answer (it’s usually around 1 minute) to help guide you.

Do I have to answer all the prompts in the same session?

Nope. You can record prompts in any order and at any time. Only have a few minutes to spare? Feel free to record as much as you want now, then come back and record the others when you have time. You may always skip any prompt if you’re not feeling it.

Should I retake my video if I stumble on my words?

You are always welcome to do a retake, but there is no need to be perfect. Our AI will help clean your video up and make sure you sound great. Being yourself is also always better than trying to be perfect.

Can I edit my videos?

There is no need to edit, we use AI to highlight the best parts of your videos. Our AI processes every clip to extract key tags to make you discoverable in search. We also highlight key passages to make sure no one misses your skills, attributes and achievements. Additionally, the AI will clean your clip up to remove the um’s, ahh’s, and other filler words to make sure you always sound your best.

What if I don’t like one of my videos?

You are always in control and can retake or delete any video at any time. The allUP team will share feedback on your videos before any hiring manager or recruiter sees them so you can always be confident that the best version of you is being seen.

Do I have to download an app to create my allUP profile?

To record videos for your profile you will need to download the allUP app. We use the allUP app to make sure your videos look and sound amazing so the best version of you can be discovered.

How does allUP protect against bias?

Our mission is simple: we want the world to see the best version of you and help you grow your career. As part of that, we’re committed to mitigating unconscious bias and to champion diversity and fairness.

Finding a new job is a stressful process that is made worse by companies and products that treat you like a pile of data points, looking for reasons to filter you out. At allUP, we're not here to filter you out; instead, our entire community is dedicated to helping you be seen and making sure the full breadth of your skills are discovered by the perfect company.

The first way we do this is by giving you the power to decide how your story is told. Everyone has access to the same structured and equitable questions. We keep things flexible by allowing you to answer whichever prompts make you feel best represented. This creates a more balanced representation of your unique value.

We take a human centered approach to AI. The allUP AI is used to highlight all the things that make you awesome and to increase the surface area for others to discover your talent. Our AI never looks at names, demographic data, facial expressions or anything related to what someone looks like. We only care about the stories of what you’ve accomplished. The allUP AI is trained to find the nuance beyond the resume bullet points to make sure you are recognized for all of your contributions.

How are tags generated?

The allUP AI takes your career narratives and makes them into searchable tags, showcasing your unique skills. It's like having a personal career cheerleader, highlighting your talents without making you “sell” yourself. You’ll be notified of each new tag and can proactively answer prompts related to tags you want to add to your profile.

How do I get ranked as a topic expert on allUP?

Every video you create on allUP is analyzed by our AI to extract key topic tags. These tags make you discoverable in search on allUP.

You can increase your search ranking by answering more questions and having more colleagues answer questions about you. People watching and reacting to your clips will also help you increase your search rankings.

How do companies use allUP?

Besides finding top talent, companies can use allUP to showcase their culture and why they are a great place to work. We believe companies attract the best talent when they contribute stories about their work, their people and their mission. We encourage every hiring team on allUP to record videos to showcase their work to candidates.

Candidates are also evaluating companies and hiring managers as they are going through the hiring process. Top managers use allUP to show why they are great to work with an how they can help a candidate grow their career.

What can I do on allUP when I am not looking for a job?

Most of the people on allUP are not actively looking for a job. The allUP community is a place to lift others up and make new connections as you grow your career. Share your expertise on the topics you are most passionate about and grow your network.

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