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How does Devon best work on a team?
What do you think is Devon’s superpower?
What were you most impressed to see Devon accomplish?

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The real you through the people that know you best.

devon is curious
and Thoughtful
and humble
Devon's best friend
their best friend
Devon’s makes work fun
is resourceful
and great at brand strategy
Devon's last boss
Their last boss
Devon’s great at working cross functionally
reduced costs
and is cool under pressure
Devon's coworker
their coworker
Devon’s great at email marketing
and storytelling
and takes initiative
Devon's current boss
Their current boss

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Devon's coworker
These videos really show off why you’d be a perfect fit
It’s my dream job, dude
Devon's coworker
Sending it to my buddy now
Just heard back from Airbnb, we are talking tomorrow!

When we support each other, we all succeed.

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